ActivGrip™ Sereis@ActivGrip Advance KEV
ActivGrip™ Sereis@ActivGrip Advance KEV

ActivGrip Advance KEV combines Kevlar® fiber with Towa's MicroFinish® technology,delivering outstanding cut resistance and excellent grip performance. The 13-gauge, seamless Kevlar® liner and "open back styling" keeps hands cool while delivering excellent flexibility to minimize hand fatigue and thereby increase productivity. Towa is well-known for the performance of its product ActivGrip Advance, and the soft yet durable Nitrile MicroFinish® coating of ActivGrip Advance KEV means that the gloves can be used on virtually any dry or slippery surface.

Cut resistance
AcitivGrip Advance KEV together with Kevlar, a choice for bullet resistant vest, offers the high assurance of cut resistant protection.

Oil Resistant
Unlike similar gloves available in the market, ActivGrip Advance KEV offers more promising protection to oil penetration. Double coated surface keeps hands clean for oily handling.

With MicroFinish® technology, the Advance KEV promises its performance under dry, wet and oily conditions.

A 13-gauge seamless liner and ergonomic design assure a maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue.