PowerGrab® Sereis@PowerGrab® Thermo (Yellow)
PowerGrab® Sereis@PowerGrab® Thermo (Yellow)

Long lasted gloves for cold weather are finally available from most trusted PowerGrab Series. Fully coated thumb area offers more protection. 
Unlike similar gloves in the market that leave the top of the thumb uncoated and unprotected, PowerGrab series fully coat the thumb, protecting the vulnerable area while offering an excellent grip performance.

Extra Warmth
Napped Acrylic liner makes it possible to work under cold conditions. 

Proteins, chemical substances, and odor are leached from PowerGrab series to minimize allergic reaction.

Extra coating of thumb area assures the most important aspect, safety.

Grip Performance
Revolutionary MicroFinish promises outstanding wet and dry handling.

A 10-guage seamless liner and ergonomic design assure a maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue. 

PowerGrab® Sereis@PowerGrab® Thermo (Yellow)

Tested by a public industrial testing center